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Case Stories of PLA Clients

14 (2 female, 12 male) accessed police bond at no charge. 7 males from Amolotar central police station, 2 (1 female, 1 male) from Dokolo central police station and 5(1female and 4 male) at Kaliro Police Station.

As a result of our intervention, Wakora John Bosco our client was reinstated back to his job which he had lost as a result of unfair termination. Wakora who had sustained injuries in the course of employment had been terminated and his wages for the two months he was temporarily incapacitated had not been paid.  The Legal team in Iganga Engaged the employer who was able to understand his responsibilities and acknowledged his unlawful actions. The employer paid the wages and also requested Wakora to return to work in a less demanding job.   

12 single mothers were enabled to recover, own and control properties including land and bicycle which their in-laws and family members had wrongfully taken from them or tress passed upon as well as accessed basic needs for their children from the fathers of their children. Example of such women that benefited from our legal aid program are;

Ojuka Santa a 34-year-old single mother of three in Amolata district who recovered her bicycle from a one Ogwang Geoffrey her brother in law who had taken away the bicycle from her following her husband passion on.  She reported a case to PLA partner CBO in Amolatar in March 2018 to which the paralegal intervened resulting into Geoffrey returning Santa’s bicycle. Ogwang was educated on the rights of women/ widows to inherit and manage their late husband’s properties without disturbance which he appreciated. He even apologized to Santa.

“In January 2016 I bought an acre of land at 1,400,000/= from Agnes Akello. I had accumulated this money from selling goats and cows for over 8 months hence I was struggling to get it. After a period of two months, the brother and other family members to Mrs Akello wrote a letter to me informing me that the land I bought belongs to the family and it is to be sold to only clan members and hence used the wrong channels to buy the land. I then requested for my refund which Mrs Okello did not have. She spent two months without refunding me hence reported the case to the LC1 of Aburukot Mr Omino Ambrose who directed me to Amolatar CBO/ PLA. They called Mrs Akello for a mediation and she was able to pay 1,800,000/= since the value had accumulated with interest. I used the money to construct a 4 roomed house (side picture, upper), bought Iron sheets, paid school fees for my child in primary school and also planted 2 acres of sunflower (side picture, lower). I was very satisfied with the free services they offered to me although I faced communication and transport challenges from home to office whenever there was mediation. I thank PLA for the good work because without them I would not own this house.”

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