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Child Labour

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Labour

What are the roles of community members?

  • It is the responsibility of any member of the community who has information that a child’s rights are being abused to report this to the local government council.
  • When a member of the community has information that a parent, guardian or person responsible for bringing up a child is able, but refuses to provide the child with enough food, housing, shelter, clothes, medical or education, the community member must report the parent, guardian, or person responsible for bringing up the child.
  • Any person, including a labour union or employer’s organization, can report any person employing a child in work that is not light work.
  • It is, therefore, everyone’s responsibility to report child labour or child exploitation.

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Platform for Labour Action (PLA) is a National Civil Society Organization that was founded in the year 2000. PLA is focused on promoting and protecting the rights of vulnerable and marginalized workers through empowerment of communities and individuals in Uganda.

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