from the US Embassy and Trafficking Institute and Pepperdine University U.S.A. She has undertaken specialized training as a human rights defender, Litigating labour disputes and lawmaking process.  Lydia has designed and implemented programmes aimed that combating trafficking in person at Platform for Labour Action since 2012 and facilitated a number of trainings including ones on training domestic workers on their rights, roles and responsibilities, training recruitment agencies both internal and external recruiters on their responsibilities in protecting the rights of female domestic workers at their workplaces. Lydia also has 2 years of experience in conducting pre-departure awareness raising for Ugandan workers preparing to work abroad. This is aimed at reducing exploitation of Ugandans while working abroad and enabling make decisions from an informed perspective.

Lydia has also facilitated trainings for law enforcement officers, Employers and duty bearers in Kampala, Iganga, Kaliro Bugiri, Lira, Dokolo and Amolatar in equipping them with knowledge on the laws and policies on Trafficking in Persons, labour and employment, domestic violence, succession Land and child labour at trainings organized by the National Task Force, Uganda Human Rights Commission and Platform for Labour Action. Lydia has built and strengthened the capacities of PLA partner Community Based Organization to enable them to provide front-line legal aid services to the community members within their localities. Lydia has assisted hundreds of poor workers to resolve their labour-related disputes most of them through ADR mechanisms and developed a number of training manuals on trafficking in persons, labour administration and access to justice.