Research and Knowledge Development thematic area is responsible for information generation, packaging and dissemination to PLA internal and external stakeholder. It further strengthens the capacities of PLA and its partners in research and M&E to facilitate evidence-based programming and advocacy. This will contribute towards empowered vulnerable communities able to demand and realize their rights. 

Rationale: Actors in human rights protection have difficulties accessing strategic information on labour and human rights and protection for VMWs at both local, international, government and policy-making levels. This is partly due to a lack of tools or the skills to access such data. PLA will take lead in the generation of authentic data creating a repository of existing information generated through research for access by its stakeholders on a range of emerging issues: on social, political, economic and legal matters. PLA also actively shares out information with different actors in the protection of the rights of VMWs through publication, print and electronic media and conferencing. In order to effectively advance the advocacy agenda, PLA conducts both action and operational research to generate critical information for evidence-based policy influence and decision making. It further translates complicated research findings, policies and laws into simplified versions to benefit its partners and target groups.

PLA strengthens its M&E system in order to generate information which  guides management and the Board decision making processes. In addition, implementing partners will be supported to have functional M&E systems to facilitate performance tracking and information generation and use at their level and share with other partners.

Knowledge, lessons and best practices are generated through research, baselines, and think tanks, published and disseminated through annual reports, policy briefs and working papers. ICT will be strengthened through the application of SMS, facebook, twitter and other social media to disseminate information in real time. Mobile phones will be provided to community volunteers to promote communication and reporting cases of rights abuse at the community level as well as following up on referrals. An e-based library and e-newsletter will be operationalized to improve access to information on labour, rights and social protection among PLA stakeholders.