The problem of HIV/AIDs is a great one, not only for Uganda. PLA is working in the districts of Kampala, Wakiso and Lira to help in the prevention and mitigation of HIV/AIDs. PLA has held meetings with its community networks in Bwaise and Nansana educating and distributing condoms and IEC materials. It has also worked to extend its HIV/AIDs program to help women, children and youth in Lira Municipality.

Approximately 180 informal sector workers comprised of 45 women, 75 children and 60 youth have received training on HIV/AIDs. Peer educators have been involved in community outreach and sensitization, creating awareness through poster campaigns and the distribution of materials on HIV/AIDs with special focus on internally displaced people as a vulnerable group.

Through its awareness seminars PLA has been able to reach to over 800 adults. The organization has worked hand in hand with the community to produce informative and understandable posters to generate increased awareness and to target as wide as an audience as possible. These have been translated into two dialects Luganda and Langi. In 2005 Platform for Labour Action received a grant from the Canadian Development Agency for a project on HIV/AID prevention and impact mitigation among the children, youth and women working in the informal sector in Lira Municipality. Under this project the three groups each identified income generating activities that were supported to sustain their livelihoods and overall 341 women, youth and children were trained on entrepreneurship skills and business management. Click here to see the program photo gallery.