Although Uganda has made major strides towards gender equality, having achieved a Gender Parity Index (GPI) of 1 in primary school enrolment, the struggle for equality in the labour market is still an uphill task. Women in employment face barriers that hinder their full potential to equitably contribute to the national economy.

PLA will convene a session at the National Women’s week entitled ‘addressing the socio economic barriers; promoting women productivity in the world of work’ on 25th October 2018 starting 11:00am - 1:00pm in Mayanja Hall at Hotel Africana.

Objectives of the Session

  • To dialogue on the socio economic challenges  affecting  women productivity in the world of work
  • To propose policy and structural recommendations to build bridges that promote women productivity in the world of work

Outcomes of the session

  • Women and stakeholders’ appreciation of issues that affect women productivity and collectively devising means to address them.
  • An oriented policy paper with the recommendations that will be presented to key policy makers and stakeholders.