• Local councils must safeguard and promote the welfare of the children in their areas or villages. The secretary for children’s affairs is given this responsibility in every local council.
  • The secretary for children affairs has the power to mediate or resolve issues in any situation where the rights of a child being abused.
  • To provide for the safety, welfare, and education of children whose parents, guardians or other persons responsible for bringing up the child do not carry out the duty of providing education and guidance.
  • To provide assistance and accommodation for any child who comes to it after being lost or abandoned or seeking refugee within its area.
  • To report and look for the parent or guardian of any lost or abandoned child in their area. The local government council is required to use all methods including the mass media such as radio.
  • To return the lost or abandoned child to the place where he or she lives.

Labour officer - stop the employment of children by withdrawing and ordering the employers to stop the employment of children

Police – child and family protection unit.