Namataka Halima is a 55 year old resident of Kakiri Wakiso district who worked as a cook at a School for 22 years. She was unfairly terminated in November 2015 without paying her any gratuity.

Halima was only paid a salary advance for one month. She filed a complaint at Wakiso labour office,the labour officer made numerous attempts to call the principal for mediation in vain. She was then advised by a friend to seek help at Uganda Human Rights Network and from there, she was referred to KCCA Labour office which advised her to seek legal aid at PLA.

In June 2016, Halima came to PLA and mediation was held with his former employers who agreed to pay her 2.5 million shillings as gratuity for her service. She received the full payment in November 2018 and used the money to buy a container, fridge and rabbits. She is now self-employed dealing in soft drinks and snacks. She is very grateful to PLA for helping her get justice and urges them to continue with the good work.