Galiwango Benard, a 40 year old male former store man at a school in Iganga narrates his ordeal and road to recovering his salary arrears after serving 7 years in jail.

“In 2011, I was arrested and detained in Wakiso district on accusations of having been bribed by the Director's wife to pour acid on the headmistress. After 2 years, the director was summoned to produce evidence which he failed to and I was able to get out on bail. However, in 2013, I was declared guilty and given a sentence of 7 years.

I was released in March 2018 after serving my sentence,” says Galiwango Benard. Upon release, he contacted the director demanding for his salary arrears amounting to 1,620,000 shillings who promised to pay but did not live up to his promise. He opened a file with CPS Iganga and was then referred to PLA by the Community Liaison Officer.

In December 2018, he filed a complaint at PLA and his former employer was summoned for mediation. During the mediation the respondent negotiated and the client accepted a payment of 600,000 shillings which was paid in two installments in January 2019. He used the money to pay school fees for his children that had been studying at the mercy of a relative.

I am very grateful to PLA and I urge the organization to continue sensitizing communities and providing free legal aid services so that many can be able to access justice”, Galiwango Benard