In 2016, the father of Ali, Isma, Umar and Kasim, all residents of Bwayunga A, Kaliro district wanted to sell their land covering 60*276 Meters which their grandfather had given to them.

Their father who remarried wanted to give the piece of land to his new wife who, even after buying various pieces of land, claimed they were infertile and wanted that particular one. His children together with their grandfather refused to sell off the land. 

The family reported the matter to local leaders who didn’t provide them with a solution. When the grandfather died; the father bribed local leaders and brought buyers to buy the land. This caught the attention of the community members who demonstrated and chased the buyers away.

In January 2019, community members referred the family to PLA Human Rights Activist who organized a mediation meeting with their father, uncles, local leaders and community members. During the meeting, the Human Rights Advocate informed their father that the land belonged to the children since it had been left to them by their grandfather and they had a land title as evidence and that he should desist from trying to sell it to anyone. Their father gave up on the attempt and decided to relocate to Jinja. The family is now using the land for farming and settlement.

I appreciate the PLA Human Rights Advocate and PLA and I am happy because the organization helped us to settle our case with our father at no cost.” Kasim.