Odongo Joseph is a 45 year old resident of Ober Ojwina Division, Lira District who was formerly employed by a Clinic as an administrator in 2016.

He worked for one year without pay and had salary arrears amounting to 5,280,000 million shillings. Before coming to PLA, he filed a complaint with the Lira District Labour office but the employer refused to turn up for mediation. In July 2017, he was referred to PLA by the Resident District Commissioner. When he came to PLA, the lawyer called for mediation with his former employer which turned out to be successful. He agreed to pay the arrears in installments and the last installment was paid on the 22nd October 2018. He used part of the money to pay school fees for his children and the other part to buy a weighing scale and stock drugs for his clinic. As a result, he has been able to get more clients. His sales have increased from 150,000 to 450,000 shillings a week. He is very grateful to PLA for helping him get justice at no cost.